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Powerfully Purposeful to Improve Everything Skin Related

Skin health professionals deliver their best work when they have intuitive tools. The Neo Elite 650-microsecond laser changes and improves how you address the most common medical skin disease and aesthetic concerns. The outcome is a patient experience that is more personalized and more enjoyable with unmistakable results. 

  • Powerfully Purposeful. Function defines Neo Elite's form. Every aspect is designed for your performance and results. It is exceptionally built to remove limits so you can do your greatest work, wherever it takes you.
  • Power to the Skin. The extreme performance of the Neo Elite requires a tremendously capable supply of power. 650 Microsecond Technology is at the heart of the Neo Elite to drive change at any depth of skin.
  • Power Moves. The incredibly light and portable Neo Elite is more dynamic than ever. From the ergonomic briefcase build and ten second warmup, time to the workstation and cart, all the components you interact with are created to help you operate smoothly and efficiently in whatever workspace you are in. To go where no other device dares.
  • Power to Improve Everything. Neo Elite is extraordinary in every way. With the greatest performance, effectiveness, and profitability yet, it is a device created for a wide range of skin health professionals to take control and push the limits of what is possible for the business of skin health.

Loved by Patients


Loved by Skin Health Professionals

"Unprecedented efficacy and safety in skin of color.If you have a multi-ethnic patient base, this is definitely the laser for you. Those in urban settings or with a very international base, as I do, obviously benefit – though this should not be pigeonholed for skin of color only."

Wendy Roberts, MD
Dermatology | Wendy E. Roberts Dermatology | Rancho Mirage, CA

"Acne is probably one of the most common conditions that we see as dermatologists. But some patients really want something that's an alternative treatment. They don't want to take antibiotics or their medications haven't worked for them. And so they're looking more and more these days for noninvasive treatments like Neo."

Arisa Ortiz, MD
Dermatologist | UC San Diego Health | San Diego, CA

"Normally the treatment range of this device would require three or four different types of lasers. In a 73-patient study I conducted, we have seen a dramatic improvement in overall skin quality as well as the clearance of redness, spider veins, melasma, pigmented lesions, and acne."

Kevin Pinski, MD
Dermatologist | Pinski Dermatology | Chicago, IL

"Neo is amazing for redness.  It’s where the market is pivoting. There's no other 1064 with a short pulse, and the short pulse means that it goes through the epidermis and doesn't allow the skin to get hot, so there's no burning,  no redness, no downtime after an appointment."

Patricia Wexler, MD
Dermatologist | Wexler Dermatology | New York, NY

New Device-Based Therapy

Address your patients' most common medical and aesthetic skin concerns in the office with Aerolase laser therapy.

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Whether cash-pay or reimbursed by insurance, Aerolase-based laser therapy provides higher profits.

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Patient experience = the forefront of importance. Providing great results with advanced therapy helps retain and attract patients.

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